School Science Laboratory Furniture

School Science Laboratory Furniture

School science laboratories should be inspiring spaces.

At Klick we create science labs that will stimulate practical experimentation, interactive learning, group discussion and individual research.


Our project management team can co-ordinate the supply & installation of your school science laboratory furniture and also offer a full turnkey refurbishment service, if required.  This one-stop-shop solution includes the co-ordination of all trades – an invaluable service for busy school staff.

Functional School Laboratory Furniture


Science lab furniture for schools needs to be extremely durable, functional and cost effective. Our school laboratory furniture is made in the UK and designed to meet the demands of a busy school lab. Chemical and physical resistance comes from using the appropriate worktop material. Klick offer a number of science lab bench worktop options including Velstone, Trespa, Iroko and Corian. We offer a quality product, competitively priced to suit your budget.


Over the 40 years we have been supplying schools we have refined our school furniture construction methods and we are proud to say this has resulted in an extremely rigid and robust design.  Architects and main contractors often comment about this.  If you would like to view a sample of a ‘mini cupboard’ we would be happy for one of our consultants to visit and explain the benefits.


Request a mini cupboard sample demo.

The school’s aim was to create outstanding science facilities of the highest quality with enduring products. At the initial tender stage furniture suppliers were asked to submit samples for assessment. Klick’s sample cupboard was robust, well constructed and met our specification. They were subsequently appointed and were able to accommodate the attention to detail required to fulfil the architect’s brief. The project was completed to the exacting standards required resulting in a flexible and modern environment of exceptional quality.

Emma Humphreys - Estate Bursar, Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey

Science Lab Furniture Design


Tonbridge School science laboratory furniture with fume cupboard and purple storage trays


We specialise in designing laboratory furniture for schools & colleges and have over 35 years’ experience in this field. Our experienced design team listen carefully to your brief and offer practical advice to make the most of your budget.


View our School Science Lab Design Page for details and a breakdown of the differences between physics, chemistry & biology labs.


As part of this free service we provide:


Our aim is to allow you to fully visualise the room before making a final decision.



Science Laboratory Furniture Layout Options


Klick can suggest practical and effective science laboratory layout options to help create a positive learning environment.


  • Cranked Island Benching
  • Service Bollards with Loose Tables
  • Fixed Peninsular Islands
  • Traditional Rows
  • Serviced Perimeter Benching with Loose Tables
  • Separate practical and theory area
  • Learning Curves


Download our Science Laboratory Layout Options Guide.

When planning your room layout our designers take into account teacher preference, curriculum requirements, budget restraints, current Health & Safety legislation and where necessary, existing facilities or services.


If you are looking for further school science laboratory furniture ideas please visit our Project Gallery. Or you can read about project details by visiting our Case Studies section.

Science Laboratory Storage Solutions


Rydale School mobile science laboratory storage furniture


School laboratories require storage for a variety of different apparatus and chemicals. Easy access to equipment saves valuable lesson time.   An uncluttered environment allows students to concentrate safely on their studies and limits distractions.

From our experience with school clients we suggest including the following storage in your lab:


  • A designated area for any bags and coats to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Dedicated chemical storage cupboards that are clearly labelled and positioned in the prep room away from other equipment.
  • A combination of fixed and mobile tray storage offering customisable storage options with varying tray sizes and colour options.


Teaching Walls for School Science Laboratories


West Kirby School teaching wall with turquiose contrast doors and modular storage


Teaching walls provide flexible storage and have become an invaluable resource making good use of underutilised space at the front of the science laboratory. They are easily accessible for teaching staff and provide a good focal point for students. Units can be fitted with interactive whiteboards, trays and a variety of other features.  To find out more please visit our Teaching Walls Page.


Fume Cupboards for School Science Laboratories


Charerhouse School science laboratory fume cupboards


As part of our service we also discuss the relevant fume cupboard requirements for your project and can provide any ancillary building works necessary for fixed fume cupboard ducting.

School Science Prep Rooms


The design of your school prep room is critical to the smooth running of the science department. Our designers can advise on the specification of sinks, shelving and storage, making sure all equipment in the prep room can be easily accessed by technicians.


Tray Storage for Prep Rooms



The Klick ‘Superstack’ range includes high-quality fixed or mobile units with Gratnells trays.  They are available from our online shop and are a practical solution to prep room storage needs.


Special Needs Requirements for Science Laboratories


If there is a requirement for pupils with special needs at least one adjustable height unit should be provided with a sink, gas tap and electrical socket. You can visit our Special Needs page for more information or alternatively give us a call.


Science Laboratory Refurbishment Service


Should your project require reconfiguration of spaces we can provide a full turnkey refurbishment service.  To find our more please visit our science laboratory refurbishment page or alternatively give us a call on 0161 998 9726, we are very happy to help.


For more information on science lab design and layout options please get in touch. You can email us at  or call 0161 998 9726.

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