Science Lab Design – Tonbridge School, Kent

Science Lab Design

Tonbridge School, Kent

Tonbridge School has undergone a major transformation of our science department, resulting in the state of the art Barton Science Centre. From initial concept to completion, Klick explored all possibilities for the furniture design suitable for these unrivalled facilities. They worked closely with members of each science department, the architect and the main contractor until the designs were refined, ultimately delivering a unique solution with aesthetic and functional furniture that blends with the architecture. The school are delighted with the practicality of the teacher walls, the flexibility of the teaching lecterns and the way the design encourages collaboration and an interest in the sciences. We appreciate the attention to detail and level of finish required from Klick to deliver this impressive 2 year project.

Anthony Moore – Bursar, Tonbridge School, Kent

Klick were selected by BDP, in conjunction with Tonbridge School to design and install the specialist laboratory furniture for The Barton Science Centre. The aim of the new extension was to revolutionise the way science is taught at Tonbridge School and encourage cross curricular collaboration. The Klick design team impressed us as they had the flexibility to work with BDP to find bespoke solutions to meet the school’s needs. Klick were key in their contribution to design meetings with the school to ensure the desires of each science department were accurately interpreted. At the initial stages of the 2 year design phase Klick built prototypes of the bespoke furniture items for testing and investigated alternative worktop materials. They refined the layouts for each of the laboratories and produced 3D CAD drawings to illustrate the new designs, giving us confidence in the final product. Their installation team were helpful and proactive throughout the project. The feedback from the school is extremely positive commenting that the new science facility provides a world class environment for innovative teaching and learning.

Daniel Walder – Associate Architect, BDP London


The Tonbridge School science centre dates back to 1887. The modernisation and extension was not simply about creating more science labs, the school wanted their science lab design to be world-class, providing a hub for teaching, learning, innovation and discovery. Each lab was to have a unique design. Klick worked with Baxall Construction and BDP to turn the extremely ambitious project into reality.



Klick worked closely with BDP to develop 19 inspirational practical labs / classrooms all with bespoke furniture. The school wanted to transform the way science was taught and understood by their pupils; making science more engaging. We designed the furniture and lab layouts to promote collaboration between students. The focus was on clean lines and symmetry, making the furniture seamlessly integrate with the contemporary architecture.


To help achieve this look the central island worktops were designed to give the illusion that they are floating. The Klick design team developed a bespoke cantilever framework to support the Velstone worktops without the addition of leg frames. Our designers also built bespoke teaching lecturns with self-contained, concealed power and data sockets. The 17 units were designed to provide the staff with a flexible teaching resource which could be relocated and connected to the nearest power/data floorbox.


The end result is an inspirational space at the heart of the school with cutting edge facilities to encourage pupils to embrace the scientific world.


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Project Description:

Installation of furniture for 17 school science labs, 2 theory rooms & 3 prep rooms




Duration Of Work

9 week phased programme

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