Medical Laboratory Furniture

Medical Laboratory Furniture


With 40 years’ experience Klick understand how a healthcare laboratory functions day to day. We work with you to create the most effective layout providing medical laboratory furniture to suit  your space.


There can be various challenges when working in a medical laboratory.  Our designers can suggest smart solutions to make your facility run more smoothly.


Overview of a healthcare laboratory.

Preventing cross contamination – Klick can advise on the appropriate choice of laboratory work bench to allow for rigorous cleaning to promote a sterile environment


Protecting equipment – Effective storage solutions can be developed to protect valuable equipment which could be easily damaged


Having sufficient practical storage – Well thought out storage solutions help maintain a tidy workplace, which improves productivity and helps to produce reliable results


Maximising productivity – Our designers can analyse your processes and make layout suggestions to optimise workflow and save you time


Maintaining concentration levels – A good workflow can improve staff concentration levels by minimising movement around the lab which can be distracting


Communication – Clear sight lines improve communication between technicians as well as making it much easier to identify workflow

Furniture Design in Medical Laboratories


A well designed lab is key in maintaining good health and safety standards.

  • Adequate storage helps to maintain an uncluttered environment which minimises incidents
  • Supplies should be stored appropriately rather than blocking exits or causing a trip hazard
  • Allowing for adequate workspaces means processes can be precisely followed in sequence which minimises accidents
  • Safety features such as safety cabinets, eye wash facilities and fire detection/protection systems should be considered

When planning a new medical laboratory remember to consider these additional key points:

  • Worktop MaterialChoice of worktop material depending on chemical usage/wear & tear
  • Worktop depth/specification –The size and weight of specialist machinery/analytical equipment.
  • Appropriate Storage – Allow space for equipment and specific chemical cupboards

Velstone lab benching in healthcare laboratory.


Our design team are experienced in planning a safe facility suitable for research and can offer advice on how to plan the perfect environment for your clinical laboratory.


Klick offer a free design & consultation package including:

  • Support from our in house team of designers and project managers
  • Detailed plan, elevation and 3D drawings
  • A fully itemised quotation
  • Bespoke design solutions available on request
  • After sales care

Thought should also be given to appropriate ventilation for the activities being performed and the temperature should be kept at an optimal level to maximise the comfort and productivity of staff.  Klick can advise on fume cupboard specification and HVAC requirements.


Flexibility is also important to allow for increases in staff numbers or space for new equipment.  This can be helped by including mobile laboratory furniture or moveable laboratory tables.  When re-designing clinical laboratories we often hear about insufficient gas outlets and storage space so allow extra to help future proof your design and avoid costly later additions.


Our extensive experience allows us to design cutting-edge facilities for medical laboratories with durable furniture that will withstand the demands of a clinical  laboratory environment. Please click here for details of our medical laboratory case studies.


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We appointed Klick Technology to undertake two fast-track laboratory fit-out projects at almost opposite ends of the country. They were very proactive in their approach to both projects which demanded additional and imaginative storage solutions suitable for the limited space within the clients specialised laboratory facilities.
Klick Technology resolved any minor issues that arose and were well organised in fully coordinating and interfacing their site activities with other sub-contractors. Both projects were completed on-time and within budget.
Phil Ardern - Regional Director, Bassaire Limited

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