Worktops for Laboratory Environments

Considerations for Laboratory Workbenches

When specifying the laboratory workbench for your facility it is important to consider both the functionality and aesthetic appearance.


Experience in Fabricating Solid Core Worktops

Klick have extensive experience in fabricating solid core Trespa worktops for use in laboratories and most solid surface materials, including Velstone, providing seamless joints for use in clean environments.


Our designers can offer advice about the most suitable benching option for your laboratory design.

Laboratory workbenches are fabricated from 16mm Solid Grade Trespa and fitted with a 50mm Trespa upstand to perimeter benching.


Klick offer 3 different specifications of Trespa:


Trespa TopLab BASE Laboratory Workbenches:


Laboratory Trespa worktop for research, industrial, university and medical laboratories.

  • Robust and lasting material where scratch and wear resistance are critical
  • Less resistant to chemicals than TopLab Plus

Trespa TopLab PLUS Laboratory Workbenches


York university science laboratory Trespa worktops.

  • Highly resistant to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals
  • Perfect surface for quality worktops that do not support bacterial growth

Trespa TopLab PLUS ALIGN Laboratory Workbenches


  • All the benefits of Trespa TopLab PLUS
  • 85% bio-based carbon content
  • Supports commitment to the use of renewable materials

Velstone Laboratory Worktops

Velstone is a 25mm solid surface material which is non porous and has a smooth seamless surface with aesthetic appeal.


Velstone laboratory worktop for research, industrial, university and medical laboratories.

  • Helps to prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Easy to clean and maintain offering benefits in a sterile environment
  • Scratches and stains can be easily removed and accidental damage is repairable on site

Selecting the right laboratory workbench material for your application is a critical consideration and will have an impact on the longevity of your workspace.  It is important to consider chemical, scratch and wear resistance and find the right balance between design and functionality.


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Kier were delighted as main contractor to appoint Klick as their fitted furniture specialists… They have responded well to a demanding programme and have met all deadlines. Their operations team was one step ahead with every detail and were proactive in addressing any site issues. The client is very happy with the quality of furniture and I hope to work with them in the near future!
Ian Reid - Quantity Surveyor, Kier Construction

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