Laboratory Ventilation – HVAC

Lab Ventilation  – HVAC


Klick offer a range of specialist heating, laboratory ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) services for pharmaceutical, healthcare, university, research and industrial laboratory environments.


It’s often necessary to control the environment within laboratories, specifically in respect of temperature, humidity, pressure and air flow in order to make laboratories comfortable and safe places to work.

hvac system to control laboratory ventilation

The Need for a Robust HVAC & Lab Ventilation System

Within a laboratory environment reliable ventilation and precise control of temperatures are of paramount importance to reduce the risk of contamination and maintain stable background conditions.


When fitting out laboratories the HVAC requirements are an essential part of the building design and should be considered at the early stages. Close collaboration with the laboratory users, HVAC consultants and M & E specialists is required in order to establish a strategy for a suitable ventilation system for your laboratory facility.


Resources Required for HVAC

The HVAC provision for a project is a considerable resource both in terms of the initial capital outlay and the ongoing cost of energy consumption. The level of power supply can also be substantial for any commercial property, our consultants can advise if an upgrade is required. Space is also a consideration as it necessary to accommodate the network of ducting and the plant room within the building footprint.

3d visual for lab ventilation system
ventilation system for biofortuna laboratories

Considerations When Planning an HVAC system:-

  • Type of chemicals or materials being handled
  • The layout and size of rooms
  • Workflow of activities
  • Risk level of the activities being performed
  • Target temperature & humidity level
  • Air pressure requirements

Lab Ventilation Control

Air is continuously being circulated from buildings to the outside. Air handling units are specified to suit laboratory functions and the room specification, they handle make up fresh air and recirculated air, maintaining the pressure and air condition to provide an acceptable indoor air quality.


Humidity Control In Laboratories

Humidity can often be a problem in laboratories. When specialist equipment is used, with tight tolerances the humidity level can have an effect on the outcome of experiments. For example humidity levels fluctuate hugely between morning and evening in addition to seasonal differences. Furthermore, controlling humidity, can also prolong the life of laboratory equipment, as this avoids undesirable fluctuations in humidity levels.

Installing a dehumidifier creates a constant environment throughout the year, so that lab procedures can be carried out accurately.

humidity percentages for laboratory environment

Any cooling function has to take into account heat gains from people, natural ingress through doors and walls and solar gains.


Pressurised Laboratories

In certain laboratory environments pressuring the air is necessary. This means any small particles on worktops are naturally pushed to the ground due to the pressure in the room which reduces contamination on work surfaces. Furthermore, pressurisation and air change rate support ISO classifications, as the additional pressure in the room reduces the chance of infiltration of moisture and also foreign particles.

iso classification for laboratories

Heat Recovery Units

Heat recovery units are often fitted into laboratories and pharmaceutical environments to utilise heat that is usually expelled to ambient air.


If your laboratory requires fume cupboards this will have an effect on the number of air changes required and therefore the required ventilation.

Filtration needs will also need to be considered depending on the hazard level of the materials being processed.


Clean rooms will require controlled temperature, humidity, air pressure and ventilation.

Lab fit out - conversion of warehouse
laboratory stability storage freezer and refrigeration rooms

Klick can provide a cost-effective HVAC solution and co-ordinate the installation of relevant ductwork, chillers and extract systems to provide the infrastructure to support the unique requirements of your laboratory design.


Speak to our specialists on 0161 998 9726 or email to enquire about lab ventilation and how to achieve the optimum working environment for your laboratory set up.

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