Special Needs Furniture for Schools

Special Needs Furniture for Schools

Students with special needs require extra consideration in all aspects of their environment, not least in the ergonomics of the furniture they use. Working height is a major factor in making furniture comfortable to use.


Klick have expertise in designing special needs furniture for schools and have a smooth, simple system of adjusting furniture leg length which allows worktops to be raised or lowered quickly and easily. Our DDA compliant height adjustable tables are ideal for use in schools, colleges and universities and allow wheel chair users to carry out practical lessons at a suitable height.


Adjustable height units can be fitted with a wide range of work surfaces and can include sinks, hobs and other services to suit a huge variety of purposes.


Our educational furniture range is made in the UK and built to withstand the heavy demands of classroom life.  We provide you with a quality product at a competitive price.


Special needs furniture for schools - adjustable height sink


Benches can be controlled manually or by means of an electric motor and can be either free standing or incorporated into a run of fixed benching.

Special Needs Furniture for Science Laboratories

If your science laboratory needs to cater for pupils with special needs at least one adjustable height unit should be provided with a sink, gas tap and electrical socket.


Special Needs Furniture for Food Technology Rooms

A food technology room which is to be used by students with special needs ideally requires an adjustable height hob, a sink and a table.


Special Educational Needs Furniture - Food Technology Adjustable Height Sink and Mid Height Oven



It is also recommended to include an oven in a special housing with a door that opens to the side above the legs of any wheelchair users.

Refurbishment Services for Special Needs Schools

If you have a project in mind which requires special needs furniture Klick can also reconfigure your space and provide a full refurbishment service


We can co-ordinate all of the following to streamline your project:-


  • Structural alterations
  • Mechanical and electrical provision
  • Air conditioning
  • Interactive services
  • Ceilings/Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Windows/Doors/Partitioning
  • Decorating


When on site we aim to work up to a 12 hour day which minimises disruption for our clients by reducing the total time on site.

All work is carried out in accordance with CDM regulations.


If you have any queries about our height adjustable classroom tables or the design of special needs school furniture do not hesitate to get in touch.  Please call 0161 998 9726 or contact us by email and one of our experienced consultants will be happy to assist you.

Klick Technology were called in to supply and install three areas of bespoke storage at the Apperley Centre, Gloucestershire. Klick made the job very straight forward, with clear design information and helpful staff. The project ran smoothly with the minimum of fuss and the clients are very happy with the end result. Looking forward to working with Klick again in the future.
Robert Faulkner - Senior Site Agent, Kier Construction

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