Laboratory Furniture for Product Development – EuroCaps

Laboratory Furniture for EuroCaps

Due to an increase in customer demand EuroCaps needed to expand our new gummy product development laboratory at the facility in South Wales. We briefed Klick on our requirements and they responded with drawings for our approval. The design stage was excellent. Their proposal included mobile units which have improved our storage provision and given us the flexibility to maximise the workflow in the lab. The service was well delivered with a quick turnaround and the installation ran smoothly. The new product development team are delighted with the quality of the finished lab which perfectly suits our requirements.”

Tony Farrup, Head of Engineering – EuroCaps Ltd, Newport


EuroCaps were looking for design suggestions to refit a lab space for their food grade production facility. A new laboratory was required for the product development of their chewable gummies.


Lab Furniture for Product Development Team

Due to new demand for this product, the team had been using re-purposed furniture in their development lab but wanted to create a more permanent purpose built area to improve efficiencies in their work, creating and testing new flavours for their chewable vitamin supplements.


Laboratory Design & Furniture Layout

Klick worked with EuroCaps to design a layout for their food grade production area which would be suitable for their requirements. They wanted dedicated storage for utensils and equipment in order to keep the worktops clutter free, along with fixed benching to accommodate a large laboratory oven.

Mobile cabinets were suggested to maximise flexibility and allow for fluctuations in requirements as the new product line develops. A combination of mobile drawer and cupboard units were provided with Horizon blue doors and drawer fronts.
The layout was designed to avoid a floor drain and an existing built-in industrial floor scale. A double sided peninsula provides a large workable area creating an ideal workspace for the team.

Klick’s installation team co-ordinated with EuroCaps to schedule the work and there was a positive working relationship throughout the project.



  • Pre-installation survey
  • Design of furniture & layout
  • 2D & 3D drawings provided
  • Close liaison with site team
  • Manufacture of furniture
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Installation of all lab furniture

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Project Description:

Installation of furniture for new product development lab




EuroCaps Ltd, Newport

Duration Of Work:

2 days


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