Fume Cupboards

As part of our total capability Klick can provide fume extract systems in order to maintain a safe, efficient and reliable laboratory environment, in line with current European standards.


Our consultants can offer advice about the most suitable fume cupboard design for your specific laboratory requirements.


fixed fume cupboards in research lab


Fume cupboards are available in different materials including metal and polypropylene.  In most cases there will be a standard model for your needs but it is possible to create a bespoke fume cupboard design to suit exactly what is required in terms dimensions, specification and application.

bespoke fume cupboard
recirculating fume cupboard with steel liner

There are two main types of fume cupboard, ducted and recirculating (ductless).


In both cases air is drawn in from the lab space into the front of the unit and either expelled via ducts outside into the atmosphere or made safe through a filter and exhausted back into the room.


Most fume cupboards for industrial purposes are ducted.



Fume cupboard functions:

  • To protect the user from inhaling toxic gases
  • To protect the product or experiment
  • To protect the environment

When specifying your fume cupboard it is worth considering which chemicals you will be using along with any restrictions regarding access, taking into account the size of existing doorways, corridors and ceilings.


In a busy industrial or research lab it may worth considering Variable Air Volume fume cupboards which are more energy efficient.  This feature can help to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.


Feel free to discuss the requirements for your project with our designers who will be happy to offer advice on the best specification of fume cupboard to maintain a safe and comfortable laboratory environment.


Please email sales@klicktechnology.co.uk  or call us on 0161 998 9726.

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