School Science Lab Refurbishment – The Royal School

School Science Lab Refurbishment

The science laboratory refurbishment carried out by Klick this summer has transformed two dated labs with limited facilities. The new design is bright, functional and inspirational. Klick co-ordinated the project with expertise and the science staff are delighted with the new facility, so much so that they will be carrying out another refurbishment this Christmas.

Michelle Stokes – Bursar, The Royal School, Haslemere



The school science lab refurbishment was a priority for the department. The brief was to create a spacious and modern facility with visual impact. The original Royal Naval School was founded in 1840 for the daughters and sisters of Naval Officers. The school was a pioneer in girls’ education; it is a co-ed school now but maintains its unique approach and wanted a laboratory to reflect this.




Our designers worked with the teaching staff and senior leadership team to develop an inspirational laboratory with a layout to make the most of the available space.

Design & Fitout of Science Lab for The Royal School

To create impact in the lab the school opted for an octagon layout with the backdrop of a scientific mural. In order for group practical lessons to be performed around the octagons it was necessary to include a sink within each pod. This required a bespoke design with a fully welded steel support, creating an expanded footprint to accommodate the sinks. Separate water pumps were installed to improve the waste flow from each sink.

Lab Refurbishment to Suit the School’s Needs

Some major changes to the layout were required to improve the science facilities. Two classrooms were combined to make one larger laboratory and a partition was added to create a department office and chemical store.

This new layout has transformed the way the rooms are used. There is improved functionality and storage allowing the science staff to make the most of the increased space in the lab.


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  • Free comprehensive design and consultation service
  • 2D & 3D CAD drawings provided
  • Full project management service
  • Installation of new stud wall & fire door with fob access
  • Floors chased for new services
  • Installation of 4 new water pumps & water heater
  • Installation of new plumbing and electrical services
  • Refurbishment of fume cupboards
  • New flooring, ceiling & lighting throughout
  • Supply and installation of furniture
  • Gas safety proving system updated to suit the new layout
  • Final connections, commissioning and certification of all works

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Project Description:

Full refurbishment of science lab, department office and chemical store




The Royal School, Haslemere

Duration Of Work:

5 weeks

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