Laboratory Design and Construction Service

Laboratory Design and Construction – Creating Space For Your Facilities

As part of our offer Klick provide a full laboratory design and construction service. Our team can fit out a shell to accommodate laboratories, offices, breakout spaces and everything required for the modern workplace.


View our video to see how the addition of a mezzanine floor created extra space.


Klick will start the design process by surveying your building and assessing your requirements.

Our designers will discuss your brief in detail in order to understand your current lab processes and then suggest ways of improving efficiencies.


Our free lab design service includes:

  • Consultation with the end user
  • Analysis of current workflows & future plans for expansion of your lab building
  • Expert advice on lab furniture & worktops
  • Assessment of which services are required
  • Latest Revit 3D drawings
  • Fully itemised quotation

Laboratory design and construction for Hologic
Laboratory furniture design for research lab
Break out space design

Conversion of Buildings into Laboratory Space


Our fit out team can co-ordinate the conversion of a warehouse into fully serviced laboratories.  Alternatively, if you have existing office facilities it may be possible to convert these into laboratory space. Klick can carry out a feasibility study to see what is practical and cost effective. Our designers can then suggest layout options to maximise the potential of your new space.

In order to make the most of your workspace it may be necessary to re-configure the layout to create the ideal work environment.

As part of our ‘One Stop Shop’ solution Klick can offer:-




Installation of glass and traditional partitioning allowing the footprint of your facility to be changed.
Space can also be created for separate meeting rooms, offices or board rooms.

Meeting room design Klick Technology
Meeting room design & construction
Partitioning design for laboratory offices

If you are planning a review of your facilities we generally advise future-proofing your workspace design, building in flexibility to allow for any expansion or changes to your workflow.


Mezzanine Flooring


If you need to expand your space it may be possible to construct a Mezzanine floor. This is an economic way of providing extra floor space which can be used for a number of different functions. Mezzanine floors are comparatively quick to construct and the additional area is ideal for offices or meeting rooms.


Laboratory Furniture Design


Bespoke Laboratory furniture design and construction


Our flexible approach enables us to produce laboratory furniture to your exact specification, developing new products to adapt to the changing needs of the industry. For further details of furniture options please view the following pages:


Mobile Laboratory Furniture
Fixed Laboratory Furniture


As part of our cost effective laboratory construction service Klick can also offer:

  • Mechanical and electrical provision
  • Fume extraction
  • HVAC
  • Specialist gas systems
  • Network cabling and data services

  • Lighting/Ceilings/Flooring
  • Windows/Doors
  • Decorating
  • Lab building works
  • Furniture & Fittings

Lab Construction – Office Design & Layout


In addition to offering a lab construction service Klick can also fit-out any office spaces within the footprint of your lab building. Our clients tend to opt for a more flexible open plan layout to encourage collaboration amongst staff and connectivity between researchers. The provision of larger ‘team’ tables with power & lighting options allow for meetings and can also provide space for ‘hot desking’.


Meeting Pods & Personal Booths


Free standing pods can offer privacy or quiet space for meetings and personal booths are designed for concentration and to combat noise distractions in an open plan office.

Meeting pod design for laboratory open plan office
Personal booth design for laboratory open plan office

Laboratory Construction – Design of Breakout Spaces & Reception Areas


Designing lively breakout spaces and opting for furniture that encourages teamwork helps to encourage collaboration and create an appealing environment for research talent.

Design for laboratory office breakout area
Break out space design for laboratory offices
Reception area design for laboratory offices

Klick can assist in the design of canteen and breakout areas. It is important to include areas for staff to relax and socialise during their breaks. These areas are increasingly used as ad-hoc work spaces as some staff prefer a more relaxed work setting. Provision can be made for this with suitable furniture and access to charging points.

Breakout space design with high stools
Staff canteen area - laboratory construction

Reception Areas


As part of our comprehensive design and construction service Klick can also fit-out reception areas with a range of desk options and soft seating.

In a busy workplace it is important to find cost effective solutions which offer the appropriate lighting, a comfortable level of heating and an acceptable level of air quality, in order to provide the optimum working environment. This is particularly key in a working lab which may require a higher than average air change volume per hour.


Key features of our service:-

  • 40 years’ experience in design & lab construction
  • Single point of contact throughout the lab installation project
  • Highly experienced project management team who take care of every detail from start to finish
  • Proactive laboratory installation teams who work with you to minimise disruption
  • Flexible service & UK manufacturing
  • Compliance with all CDM regulations & health and safety requirements in line with ‘The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015’

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Klick have been extremely pro-active in helping us to develop a number of our laboratory facilities. This high level of service has continued through all their departments…. Bruntwood have developed a great partnership with Klick, who keep us well informed and are always proactive in finding solutions.
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