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Developing an employee focused lab design for your facility with all the necessary equipment and resources can have a positive effect on efficiency and morale. First class facilities also help with attracting the right talent and staff retention.


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Our designers can discuss the options with you and suggest the optimum layout for your requirements.

They follow an established process, working in consultation with end users and facility managers from the early stages in order to establish a comprehensive brief.


The exacting work of scientists relies on a precision environment and a considered layout to ensure efficient workflow. Initially it is important to consider your lab processes, storage requirements, the worktop specification and the size and weight of all the lab equipment required.

Benefits of Modern Laboratory Design


A modern laboratory design brings numerous advantages to research facilities, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall functionality. With a well-planned lab room design, researchers and scientists can experience a multitude of benefits.

Enhanced Collaboration – A modern laboratory room design promotes collaboration among researchers, fostering communication and the exchange of ideas. Open-concept layouts, flexible workspaces, and communal areas encourage teamwork, leading to more innovative solutions and breakthroughs.

Improved Workflow – Optimal utilisation of space in a laboratory room design ensures a streamlined workflow. Organised workstations, smart storage solutions, and efficient bench arrangements minimise clutter and facilitate quick movement, reducing time wasted searching for equipment or materials.

Safety and Ergonomics – A modern lab room design prioritises safety and ergonomic considerations, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Incorporating proper ventilation systems, specialised lighting, and ergonomic furniture helps create a comfortable and safe environment for researchers, ensuring their well-being and improving overall productivity.

Adaptability to Technological Advances – The ever-evolving nature of scientific research demands a laboratory room design that can accommodate the latest technological advancements. A modern lab room design integrates flexibility and scalability, allowing for easy integration of new equipment, instruments, and technologies, ensuring the facility remains at the forefront of scientific progress.

Attractiveness and Retention of Talent – A modern lab room design can significantly impact the attraction and retention of top scientific talent. State-of-the-art facilities with a pleasing aesthetic appeal help create a positive work environment, boosting employee satisfaction and motivation.


Investing in a modern laboratory design is a crucial step towards advancing scientific research and achieving optimal outcomes.


Klick offer a free design consultation as part of our service and the first step is to get in touch to book an appointment.

What our free laboratory design service includes:

  • Established consultation process with all stakeholders
  • Analysis of current workflows & future requirements
  • Outlining the project brief to include all requirements and budget considerations
  • Expert advice on lab furniture & worktop materials
  • Assessment of which services are required
  • Latest Revit 3D drawings
  • Fully itemised quotation

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Building Flexibility Into Your Laboratory Design


In a modern lab it is key to build in a level of flexibility. Furniture needs to be designed to accommodate the fast pace of advancement in today’s research and industrial laboratories. Staffing levels and project requirements can change rapidly and it may be necessary to move equipment, review work processes and adapt furniture layouts with little notice.


Mobile tables, cabinets and workstations can be easily moved without external assistance and adding an element of mobile laboratory furniture allows for quick reconfiguration of the workplace.


Mobile Laboratory Furniture 1

Adopting a more flexible approach in workplace layout can also help foster a more collaborative approach. Including breakout spaces and furniture that fosters teamwork improves staff connectivity and encourages research talent to collaborate.


Factors to Consider When Designing a Commercial Lab

The list below details some points to consider but we highly recommend seeking the advice of experts before embarking on a costly investment which needs to stand the test of time.

Lab Storage – Adequate storage that is well designed means that worksurfaces can remain uncluttered and allows lab users to work safely. Chemical storage provision should also be considered.
Lab Furniture – It is important to consider the size of equipment when specifying the worktop depth & furniture specification. Click here for further information on fitted furniture.
Lab Stools – These should be at the appropriate height and facilitate good posture.
Laboratory Worktops – Any chemical use in the laboratory will have an impact when selecting your workbench material. Our designers can offer advice about the most suitable option for your needs.
Fume Extraction – Our consultants can offer advice on the best design of fume cupboard/cabinet for your laboratory layout and chemical use.
HVAC – getting the right heating, ventilation and air conditioning set up is necessary in creating a comfortable work environment.
Structural Changes – It may be necessary to re-configure the layout in order to make the most of your workspace and create the ideal work environment. Klick offer a cost effective ‘One Stop Shop’ lab design & construction service which is popular with clients who are looking for the ease of one point of contact.
Health and Safety – It is important to select a company which is familiar with all CDM regulations & health and safety requirements in line with ‘The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015’.

It is the co-ordination of all aspects of a complex laboratory design project which contribute to its success. Klick have nearly 40 years’ experience in managing laboratory installations.

Lab design for University of Kent
Laboratory design for science park

We take pride in our success in detailed project management and our many testimonials speak for themselves.

“The installation of the laboratory furniture went to schedule and their fitting team worked well with other trades. Klick produced a quality product and our client was very satisfied with the final installation. This was another good job from Klick and we would be happy to work with them again on future projects.”
Guy Butler – Director, Total Construction, Middlesex

Our team would be happy to help if you are looking for advice on a laboratory project.
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Laboratory Case Studies

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Klick have been extremely pro-active in helping us to develop a number of our laboratory facilities. This high level of service has continued through all their departments…. Bruntwood have developed a great partnership with Klick, who keep us well informed and are always proactive in finding solutions.
Building Surveyor, Bruntwood

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