World Architecture Day 2022

World Architecture Day 2022

World Architecture Day (WAD) 2022


The theme for World Architecture Day 2022 is ‘Architecture for Well-being’.

As we celebrate WAD, we reflect how the design of buildings has an impact on our quality of life. Architecture is not only about design but also about enhancing well-being and promoting health.

The UIA (International Union of Architects) will be hosting a webinar on Monday 3 October 2022 at 14:00 (CET) on Architecture for Well-being featuring architects and experts from around the world.

Further details are available here

Klick Celebrate World Architecture Day

To celebrate WAD we thought it would be interesting to review some of Klick’s projects that feature architectural or design features of particular note.

Northwood College
This new science block building has exposed ceilings and modern architectural details. The labs feature individual island pods with neutral Velstone worktops, the layout helps to encourage group learning and the science lab furniture design ideally complements the aesthetic of the building.

The junior lab shown below, has domed electrical outlets with easily accessible plug sockets and USB charging points. The Pluto sockets blend well with the industrial look and add interest for the younger students. Creating an inspirational environment helps to encourage students to engage in science from a young age.

world architecture day northwood college science laboratory design

Rydale School

Designing school science labs that are flexible and easily adaptable increases their functionality. This allows teaching staff to change the layout depending on the lesson plan and students’ learning style. Having a flexible layout also allows schools to maximise their space and make the most of their budgets.

At Rydale School Klick designed mobile table frames with storage units fitted under. During a theory lesson the students would all face the front, seated at the three static tables. For practical lessons the students can spread out using the worktop above the mobile storage unit. The mobile units can be moved to a different location if required, so this design offers maximum flexibility and increases worktop area and storage space.

rydale school science laboratory mobile table with storage under

Charterhouse School

The school laboratory design needed to complement the impressive historic buildings and offer a high quality and long-lasting solution.

Klick developed a bespoke furniture design for the new Science and Mathematics Centre. The architect’s brief was to create a design with clean lines and detailing to tie in with the look of the new building. Large islands were specified for the practical area, these promote collaborative learning and create impact. Velstone worktops were selected which have a smooth finish and seamless joints which add to the streamlined look.

charterhouse school laboratory showing architectural details

“Klick provided the fixed furniture for Phase 1 of the new Science and Mathematics Centre at Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey. They were very helpful during the tender stage, providing good quality representative samples to assist the design team in the process. During the Construction stage, they worked closely with the design team and client, delivering a product which has proven to be excellent value for money. We have been particularly impressed with their after sales care, responding diligently and quickly to any concerns and issues raised.”
Matthew Vowels – Senior Architect, Design Engine Architects, Winchester

Tonbridge School

In the new Barton Science Centre all the science labs are individual in design. The laboratory furniture integrates perfectly with the contemporary architecture of the new science block with an emphasis on clean lines.
The colour scheme is neutral with simple bright highlights; this look ideally complements the details of the original historic building.

Tonbridge School science laboratory island

Curved island benches encourage the students to work collaboratively during practical lessons. Our design team developed bespoke laboratory furniture with a cantilever framework to support the Velstone worktops. The cantilever design, without leg frames, results in a clean look and creates the illusion that the worktops are floating.

“The Klick design team impressed us as they had the flexibility to work with BDP to find bespoke solutions to meet the school’s needs. Klick were key in their contribution to design meetings with the school to ensure the desires of each science department were accurately interpreted. At the initial stages of the 2 year design phase Klick built prototypes of the bespoke furniture items for testing and investigated alternative worktop materials. They refined the layouts for each of the laboratories and produced 3D CAD drawings to illustrate the new designs, giving us confidence in the final product.”
DANIEL WALDER – Associate Architect, BDP. Re – Tonbridge School

At Klick our designers work closely with architects and senior leadership teams to develop solutions that are practical but also inspirational.

It is our attention to detail and success in completing complex projects that has led to our long-standing reputation in school lab design.

If you have a project in mind feel free to discuss the details with our design team. You can call 0161 998 9726 or email us with your enquiry.