Furniture for Primary School STEM Subjects

Furniture for Primary School STEM Subjects

Enquiries from primary schools planning new rooms for practical subjects are on the increase.

This new focus aims to provide students with more in depth experience in these subjects prior to the move to secondary school.

Some primary schools have asked for specialist science laboratories or food technology rooms, whilst others have briefed us to design multi-purpose rooms for STEM or STEAM subjects. The idea is to encourage children to participate in group activities with the emphasis on creative problem solving across a range of disciplines including science, technology, engineering, art and maths. These projects promote teamwork, innovative thinking and communication.

The furniture primarily needs to be robust and flexible so that it can be used for collaborative practical activities or theory work. It may be useful to incorporate some mobile furniture for easy access to tools and materials. Sufficient storage is also essential for students’ unfinished work and larger materials/equipment. Students will need access to electricity, WIFI and possibly water.

If you would like advice on designing a new room for your primary school please email me or call today on 0161 998 9726.

Thanks Clare.