School Science Laboratory Refurbishment

School Science Laboratory Refurbishment

School Science Lab Refurbishment
How to Create an Inspirational & Practical Space

A refurbishment project can comprehensively transform a science department and dramatically improve the functionality of the laboratories. With some careful space planning and attention to detail it is possible to create an inspirational space that students and staff can be proud of and ultimately improves engagement in science.

Reconfiguration of Laboratory Space

It is a good idea to get a fresh pair of eyes to look at the layout before embarking on a school science lab refurbishment. The configuration of rooms may need re-designing and it may be possible to block off corridors, take down internal walls or relocate store rooms to make the space work more efficiently. Based on our initial survey and the structure of the building we will make suggestions on how to improve the layout with a view to making the best use of the space.

School Science lab refurbishment time lapse video of Carlton Academy

Time lapse video of Carlton Academy refurbishment

“With support from the Redhill Academy Trust …. we engaged Klick …. the project has seen the creation of a further three refurbished laboratories and the opening up of the original corridor to improve flow. Their designers developed a furniture layout for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the refurbishment that works well in all the different spaces.
They offered full project management throughout the project and any issues on site were quickly overcome. The quality of their furniture is excellent and their refurbishment package offers good value for money.”
Phil Lovett – Operations Manager, The Carlton Academy

Create Science Laboratories that will Encourage Engagement in Science

Colour and design details can help create an inspirational space to encourage students to engage in science.

If possible, find a completed project at another school that is close to the vision of what you want to achieve and use that as an illustration. At this stage try to get an idea of a ball park cost.
Our refurbishment case studies are a good place to start as they have photos of the finished projects, a summary of the project details and the total project cost.

Laboratory Layout and Design

At the start of the process we aim to discuss the design of the science laboratory furniture with the staff that will be using the space most. There may be teaching preferences to consider which would have an impact on the orientation of the room. It is also important to think about how the laboratory technicians manage the department and the location of prep rooms so that the department functions efficiently. Laboratory storage is also a key consideration, making sure there is sufficient space for equipment and the safe storage of chemicals. Teaching walls provide additional storage capacity and can be a good focal point at the front of the lab. Relevant fume cupboard requirements should be discussed, along with provision for any ancillary building works necessary for fixed fume cupboard ducting.

Science laboratory refurbishment for West Kirby Grammar School

Science lab teaching wall for West Kirby Grammar School

Our Free Design Service Includes:-

• 2 & 3D CAD layouts
• Interactive 360 degree Panorama visuals illustrating your exact design
• A fully itemised quotation
• Advice on worktop materials and colour choices

Our drawings will give you a clear idea of how your rooms can be transformed into a practical and well designed laboratory.

Budgeting for a School Science Laboratory Refurbishment

It is worth spending some time drawing up a wish-list and prioritising requirements into:-
• Essentials
• Nice to haves
• Bonus elements that could be funded separately/at a later date

You can discuss your budget with our consultants who will help ensure that the best value is squeezed out of whatever money is available. They can make suggestions about funding streams that may available. Klick also offer discounts for term-time projects completed prior to the busy summer months.

Assessment of Services

As part of the Klick turnkey refurbishment process, we will check if current gas, power and water services are adequate for the proposed work. Electrical/mechanical systems and drainage can typically account for 35 to 50 per cent of the budget. It is important to get a clear understanding of what is required from the start to make sure everything is included.

Refurbishment Timescales

It is important to think about how long laboratories will be out of action. Klick are experts in term-time refurbishments.  However if this is not possible, work can usually start in late spring once external exams are finished.  If all the school science labs need refurbishing it may be necessary to execute the work in phases. For example, the project at St Edmunds Catholic School, Portsmouth was completed on a 4 year rolling programme with work starting each year in mid May.

School Science Laboratory refurbishment at St Edmund's School Portsmouth

School Science Laboratory refurbishment at St Edmund’s School Portsmouth

As part of our ‘One Stop Shop’ School Refurbishment Service we offer:

• Structural alterations
• Mechanical and electrical provision
• Air conditioning
• Interactive services
• Ceilings/Flooring
• Lighting
• Windows/Doors/Partitioning
• Decorating

When on site we aim to work up to a 12 hour day to ensure we finish the project as quickly as possible for our clients, therefore minimising disruption.

A Typical Programme of School Refurbishment Works:

• Removal of existing furniture & redundant services
• Installation of new plumbing & electrical services including extension of supply
• New decoration & flooring
• Supply & installation of furniture
• Installation of Gas safety system with CO2 monitor
• Final connections, commissioning and certification of all works

Our friendly and knowledgeable team have many years’ experience in school science laboratory refurbishments. Our design and project management teams work closely together providing you with a seamless service from concept to the finished project.

If you would like more details on our school science lab refurbishment service we would be happy to help with any queries. Please call 0161 998 9726 or contact us by email to discuss your plans.

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