Primary School Food Technology Room designed to fit a small space

Primary School Food Technology Room designed to fit a small space

Wolfson Hillel School were looking to create impact with their new food technology room.

The school previously had no food technology facilities and were keen to offer their pupils the opportunity to learn more about food and how to cook.

A food technology room was created by reconfiguring a circulation area and the Klick design team presented their layout ideas, concentrating on effective space planning to make the most of the relatively limited area.

The peninsular work benches were designed with integral seating spaces to avoid the need for separate desks.  To maximise the available storage Klick installed tall cupboards along one wall and included corner cupboards where possible.  To complete the food technology room, a run of tall fridges was included, again to make the most of the available space.

The school opted for a contemporary furniture design and the end result is a really functional food tech room with a clean and modern feel.

If you would like design ideas to create a food technology room we would be happy to visit and discuss the possibilities.

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Thanks Julie.