Managing a Lab Fit Out Project – 7 Factors to Consider

Managing a Lab Fit Out Project – 7 Factors to Consider

How to Manage a Laboratory Fit Out Project

If you are a facilities manager you may be tasked with upgrading a number of labs for your biotech company.

Your lab requirements have expanded, so you need to convert some offices into additional lab space and upgrade the existing facility.

You don’t really know about lab fit out requirements or how to design a lab but you want to source a really practical solution for your team with the goal of improving productivity.

lab fit out for biofortuna deeside

You understand from your technicians that they need to have the flexibility to carry out different processes. Also, team numbers can vary depending on the project requirements.

You look on the internet for inspiration. You find options of builders who could execute the office conversion. There are companies who supply technical equipment or stand-alone items of laboratory furniture. Some companies specialise in fume cupboards and extraction systems. You are bamboozled by the choice of framework design and talk of worktop suitability.  Should you opt for Trespa TopLab Base or Trespa TopLab Plus?

fit out of labs and fume cupboard
Infrastructure for laboratory installation

How to fit out your labs within a tight time frame

To be honest designing and fitting out labs is a complex business.

Many of our customers say what they really appreciate is a company with a real understanding of lab processes that can co-ordinate the whole project from start to finish.


We regularly receive this kind of feedback….

“We selected Klick for the fit out here at Deeside because of their obvious experience in specialist laboratory fit out…. The ability of Klick to manage and co-ordinate a whole raft of specialist subcontractors was vital to keep the whole project on track”.
Dr Nick Ash – Chief Executive Officer, Biofortuna

“As an experienced laboratory furniture manufacturer their input was critical in refining the design details and ensuring the furniture specification was suitable for the specific weights of the heavy lab equipment required.”
Graham Robertson – Managing Director, ParkLaine Ltd

fit out of laboratories by klick

Our 40 years’ experience in managing laboratory projects means we know the right questions to ask your team in order to get the desired end result.

Klick engage with the stakeholders and lab users to really understand what is required and how to improve workflow. We take the burden of managing the whole project out of your hands which minimises the hassle and upheaval for the department.

fit out of oxford biodynamics laboratory

If you have a project in mind our consultants would be very happy to visit and discuss your requirements but, in the meantime, here are a few tips on how to get things started: –

7 Factors to Consider When Starting a Laboratory Fit Out

  1. Talk to your lab users, ask about their range of processes, any bottlenecks and how they use their lab space
  2. Include collaborative areas to allow space for scientists to interact, discuss their research and share their ideas.
  3. Consider mobile lab furniture as part of your solution as this will increase flexibility and allow for future growth
  4. Think about what specialist equipment is required and where it needs to be located
  5. If you need gases and water in your lab allow for easy access to services so maintenance can be carried out quickly to minimise laboratory downtime
  6. Do your technicians use hazardous chemicals which require a more resistant worktop?
  7. Think about storage – allow space for equipment and specific chemical cupboards

We can discuss all these factors in more detail and guide you through the process.

Call now on 0161 998 9726 or email us to make an appointment with one of our experienced consultants.
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