COVID-19 Update

Klick’s offices are currently open and all installations are proceeding as scheduled with measures in place to protect our staff and clients.


Our refurbishment team have received excellent feedback from recent projects.  Check out our recent blog with details of how Klick are managing COVID19 Health & Safety guidelines.


Regarding any installations we do ask that if you are due a site visit from one of the team and have had a reported COVID19 case, that you let us know as soon as possible so we can evaluate the best options available to provide our services.


If you call the office at any point and are not able to contact us, feel free to use the following additional contact numbers:


Julie Burns 07887 786 725

Sales Managers

Simon Baker 07824 536 947
Javed Blythe 07787 522 202

Ongoing Projects

Darren Hamilton 07586 841 641
Barry Landing 07768 324 149