British Science Festival 2022

British Science Festival 2022

British Science Festival 2022


This years’ British Science Festival programme takes place from 13-17 September and includes a vast array of inspirational subjects which tackle contemporary issues. The aim is to connect people with scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists. You don’t need to be a boffin to engage in the talks and workshops which encompass science in a very broad sense. All events are free and there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

At Klick we’ve been looking at some of the events lined up in Leicester. There are lots to choose from, but we’ve picked a few that are top of our list.

Plastics: Villain or Vanillin? 14 September 2022 – 13:00

british science festival plastics villain or vanillin
Image Source – British Science Festival

Could the synthetic molecule vanillin, which provides the vanilla flavour for ice cream and soft drinks, play a part in tackling the plastic waste crisis?

Joanna Sadler from the University of Edinburgh will share her research using enzymes and microbes to break down plastics and produce this synthetic flavouring, recycling otherwise redundant waste into delicious flavours.

Electric Motoring Into the Future. Drop in event from 15 – 16 September 2022

british science festival electric motoring into the future
Image Source – British Science Festival

With the rise in the use of zero-carbon vehicles, the world is embracing novel transport technologies and mobility concepts.

Meet with David Black and Rupert Gammon to discover how De Montfort University is developing innovative systems for electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, and how the students build their own race cars for the annual Formula Student competition at Silverstone.

The Future of Space Science. 15 September 2022 – 12:00

british science festival future of space science
Image Source – British Science Festival

A journey through time looking at the future of the UK’s space economy. Including information on ground-breaking discoveries such as the James Webb Space Telescope and exciting plans to return samples from the Red Planet.

This mind-expanding panel discussion, brings together world-leading experts in space science, Richard Ambrosi and Sarah Casewell to discuss what the future has in store for the UK’s space economy.

Small Particles, Big Problem. Drop in event 15 September 2022 – 18:00

british science festival small particles big problem
Image Source – British Science Festival

A team of researchers at the University of Birmingham are investigating the impacts that microplastic waste is having on organisms and the environments they live in.

You can have a go at some of their research methods and discover the extent to which microplastics are changing our environments.

2051: A Food Odyssey16 September 2022 – 11:00

british science week 2051 a food odyssey
Image Source – British Science Festival

Producing enough healthy food to feed a growing population whilst reducing the carbon footprint is a massive challenge.

Many of our current farming practices and dietary habits will need to radically change in the future to reduce our impact on the planet and increase sustainability.

Lisa Collins, agricultural systems and animal scientist (University of Leeds) will consider what shape our agricultural landscape might take in 2051.

Details of British Science Festival Events

Make the most of these and many other engaging events. You can find details of times and locations for all events here

The History of the British Science Festival


Each year the festival focuses on new innovations & current issues. In 2022 zero-carbon vehicles, sustainable food production, plastic waste and the future of space science are key topics.

However, the British Science Festival has a long history. Meetings were started in York in 1831 and have continued annually at various locations since then. Meetings were organised by the British Science Association and brought together scientists and the general public to discuss scientific advances.

Interestingly, it was at these meetings that the term ‘scientist’ was coined, and the ‘dinosaur’ was named. Major scientific advances were announced at the meetings including Sir Oliver Lodge’s (1836-1920) first public demonstration of wireless transmission in 1894 and J.J. Thomson’s (1856 – 1940) discovery of the electron in 1899.

In 2022 many exciting discoveries have already been made. For example, in studying data from the New Horizons mission scientists now suspect that Pluto has ice volcanoes. Moreover, analysis of the impact craters in the area suggests that the geological activity is relatively recent.

Behind this scientific work are scientists who need modern, efficient laboratories to work in.

That is where Klick can help!

Our consultants are experienced in working with scientists from many different disciplines and will help to address the very practical needs of today’s researchers and students. Click here for further information on our lab design and fit out service.

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