Optimising Your Commercial Laboratory Space

Optimising Your Commercial Laboratory Space

In an ever changing economic climate the flexibility of workspaces within laboratories has become increasingly important. Companies may need to reconfigure workspaces to cope with changes in research focus or application. Klick have recently been involved in an exciting project to design a flexible lab space where the brief was to develop mobile units to allow the client’s workspace to be reconfigured, to cope with changes in demand.


Another unusual project was to design a range of laboratory furniture for a testing laboratory in a paper mill, located next to a river. The mill was liable to flooding and the furniture needed to be mobile so that it could be relocated to the first floor during periods of high water levels.

At Klick Technology we provide an end to end solution, offering modern & practical environments for laboratories. We focus on the client’s requirements, making their space more efficient and adaptable to a changing work environment.

Our portfolio of clients varies from large multi-nationals with chemical testing laboratories to smaller companies with specialist medical research labs. Klick’s experience ranges from supplying life sciences companies with testing laboratories for molecular diagnostics to laboratories that specialise in the automotive & aerospace industries. A growth area is bioscience laboratories and start up companies that require labs for their work in microbiological development.

If you have a commercial laboratory project in mind we would be happy to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements. Please email me or give me a call on 0161 998 9726.

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