New Bedales Art & Design Building Completed

New Bedales Art & Design Building Completed

The building is designed to provide an inspirational learning environment. Visual arts are at the heart of Bedales and the students participated in the design process.


The new buildings, arranged around a central courtyard, are predominately covered in sustainable oak and larch timber cladding with a zinc roof.

Klick provided furniture made from birch ply, with some worktops clad in stainless steel. The neutral, pared down look of the furniture was designed to complement the rustic apperance of the buildings. The space is practical including ample storage, partitioned wall-mounted display units and large mobile units for the storage of artwork & portfolios, spread across several different room types including The Art Hub, ICT, Library and Ceramics Studio.

Klick are engaged in a number of other projects but we still have some availability for summer furniture installations and refurbishment work.

Please email me or give me a call on 0161 998 9726 to discuss your project.

Thanks Tim