Laboratory Refurbishment – Cost Control

Laboratory Refurbishment – Cost Control

Laboratory Refurbishment – Cost Control & the Benefits of a ‘One-Stop-Shop’

We are currently working on a laboratory refurbishment project and thought it would be useful to get the client’s feedback about their preference for a lab specialist offering a full turnkey service.

In a nutshell they preferred the more streamlined approach of only having one company to deal with rather than having to manage several different contractors. Also, when they did ask a main contractor to provide a quote their price was significantly higher.

When refurbishing or expanding your laboratory facilities there are so many factors to consider that having one point of contact helps enormously in reducing the time spent on the project. It aids communication as you don’t have to deal with several different companies and any issues are resolved more promptly.

Refurbishment of laboratory for Greenwich University
Laboratory Interior Design - Klick Laboratories

Refurbishment of labs – Cost Control

Using a turnkey supplier to co-ordinate your lab fit-out means one price from one supplier. It is therefore quicker to get a feel for initial project costs and make decisions in order to keep within your budget.

Laboratory Design & Refurbishment
Laboratory Refurbishment University of York

There is an additional benefit in that having one company controlling all aspects of a refurbishment project means less time on site which reduces the overall cost. Efficient control of tradespeople also helps to keep costs in check and generally delivers a better quality of project. Snagging is reduced and there is ultimately less hassle factor for the laboratory owners.

University Lab Refurbishment - Klick Laboratories
Lab Design & Construction

Lab Refurbishment – Using a Fit-out Company With Many Years of Lab Experience

As part of any lab re-fit it is important to select a contractor who will design a scheme which integrates your lab furniture with your services, creating a streamlined workspace which will improve efficiencies.

The benefit of using a specialist lab fit-out company to carry out any building work is their understanding of lab furniture and the end use of the lab. A generalist builder could make structural changes but may not have the same in-depth knowledge to see the project through to completion, including the provision of service points and final connections.

An understanding of the end project improves integration of the project and makes the whole process more seamless.

Lab Refurbishment - University of Kent
Laboratory Construction - Klick Laboratories

“After months of struggling to get quotes from various subcontractors and co-ordinate different workforces I came across Klick who were able to offer a complete service.  They were able to strip out old equipment, update our lighting, decorate, lay new floor and of course install workstations for us.  Despite my initial concern that they were some distance from us, they were able to react immediately to our needs.  Their sales department were able to knowledgably discuss what was available and what they could offer.  Klick were able to tailor our workspace to exactly what we needed with suggestions and guidance on finishes and layout.  The work was scheduled in for when was most suitable for us and was carried out with the minimum of fuss, on time and to budget.  We will certainly be using Klick Technology again when it comes time to update the rest of our production floor and offices.”
Alister Bull – Project Manager, EWB Solutions Ltd, High Wycombe, Bucks


Klick has 40 years experience in laboratory fit out.  If you have a refurbishment project to complete our team can co-ordinate all of the following to streamline your project:-

  • Mechanical and electrical provision
  • Fume extraction
  • HVAC
  • Specialist gas systems
  • Network cabling and data services
  • Lighting/Ceilings/Flooring
  • Windows/Doors/Partitioning
  • Decorating
  • Building works
  • Furniture & Fittings

Our installation team aim to work up to a 12 hour day which reduces the number of days on site and minimises disruption for our clients.

All work is carried out in accordance with CDM regulations.

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