Lab Innovations Exhibition Highlights

Lab Innovations Exhibition Highlights

Our consultants received positive feedback on the stand at Lab Innovations and were interested to speak to end users about their experiences.

One of the main priorities for lab users was to build in flexibility to their laboratory furniture layout.  Scientists were looking for ways to future proof their laboratories and our mobile laboratory furniture was of particular interest.

Research laboratory furniture with mobile laboratory storage

Mobile laboratory storage

On the stand we were demonstrating quick connect laboratory service fittings with colour coded outlets, which offer maximum flexibility and are ideal for connecting to overhead service carriers.

Laboratory quick connect service fittings

Quick connect service fittings

Visitors were also looking for innovative solutions for high density storage.  Pharmaceutical companies have the challenge of storing samples of different sizes and were interested in HTM 71 tray units as they are easily divided and provide maximum flexibility.

HTM 71 hygienic storage

HTM 71 storage tray with dividers

Units suitable for cold storage were also in demand, where large numbers of samples need to be stored at low temperatures in a space efficient manner.

Hygienic stainless steel shelving

Stainless steel perforated shelving

A number of attendees were interested in sourcing furniture that is made in the UK and we were able to reassure them that all our laboratory and medical furniture is made in England.

If you have plans to set up or extend a research laboratory our consultants would be very happy to offer advice.
Please email us or call today on 0161 998 9726.

Thanks Clare.