Food Technology In Primary Schools

Food Technology In Primary Schools

It is now a statutory part of the curriculum to teach Food Technology to children aged 5-11. At Klick we are experienced in installing food technology furniture in primary schools and can provide furniture/ovens at a reduced height of 770mm. Thermostatic mixing valves can also be provided to regulate the water temperature for the younger children.


Klick can provide just the furniture or convert an existing classroom and co-ordinate all the necessary trades to complete the project.

The project at Clapham Manor School was started during half term but completed in term time with little disruption to the school.

We still have capacity for later this spring and are offering discounts for work carried out during May half term up until mid June. I would be happy to visit to discuss any projects planned for this year. Please email me or give me a call on 0161 998 9726.

Thanks Richard