Famous Labs From TV and Film

Famous Labs From TV and Film

No great eccentric scientist from TV or film is complete without his or her equally impressive laboratory. This innovative space is what allows them to make their remarkable discoveries. At Klick we design and install commercial labs so we asked our experts to look into some of the most remarkable fictional laboratories and discover if they could in fact become a reality. So as Dexter would say “to the lab!”

Back To The Future

Doctor Brown’s lab, although a garage, functions in the same way as many of our clients’ commercial laboratories, allowing him to build his infamous time-traveling car, The DeLorean, as well as some other fun gadgets too.

Laboratory from back to the future.

Image source and further reading for any Back To The Future fans

Could we make it?

We might not be able to time travel yet but we could definitely transform a garage into a fully functioning lab.

School science laboratory at Tonbridge School.

Image source: Tonbridge School case study

At Tonbridge School we designed and installed a cutting-edge lab, transforming a historic building into a contemporary laboratory. The lab furniture for this project was bespoke and designed to fit the client’s exact requirements. It is this precise customisation and specialist knowledge that would allow us to transform most buildings into a research laboratory. Some of our other inspirational labs include the University of York and Tonbridge School.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter by his own definition is a boy genius who is constantly inventing new technologies that are then destroyed by his sister Dee Dee. His top-secret lab is situated underneath his parent’s house, something they never catch onto. Here in his own lab, he makes some rather profound discoveries for someone who is so young.

Dexter in his secret science laboratory.

Image source & for further reading visit Dexter’s Laboratory Wiki

Could we make it?

You would need a lot of space for such a large lab and some of the technology he uses is rather advanced. But given a vast space and a long lead time it might be possible.

Batman and The Batcave

Batman would not be complete without his state of the art laboratory, The Batcave. The modern lab is located underground in the caves below Batman’s mansion and has some great gadgets that help him save Gotham.

Underground laboratory in the Batcave.

Image source and further reading on the Batcave

Could we make it?

Find us a cave large enough that could hold a vast amount of equipment and we could have a go at kitting it out. A supercomputer that can watch over the citizens of the world, that part is up to you.

The Iron Man Lab

Tony Stark’s laboratory is the ultimate man cave. The lab has some impressive inventions and highly advanced technology that allow him to become Iron Man.

Tony Stark in his laboratory.

Image source and further reading on Iron Man

Could we make it?

With the continuous advances in technology a modern inspiring lab like this is very much a possibility. And as technology develops future laboratories could very much look more like this, with the same capabilities as the Stark empire.

Silent Witness Forensics Laboratory

This show features one of the most high-tech forensics labs on television. The team use the lab to investigate and solve cases, getting justice for the victims’ families.

Silent Witness Forensics Laboratory.

Image source and for further information about Silent Witness

Could we make it?

This forensic laboratory is one of the more realistic labs featured on TV and may even resemble your own. This is one we could definitely take the lead on and recreate exactly.

We hope exploring these fictional laboratories has inspired you. If you would like further information visit our laboratories design and fit-out page to find out more. At Klick we are very happy to develop bespoke laboratory furniture to meet your exact specifications. We will provide you with a dedicated team who can interpret your ideas and make them a reality.

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